Unborn infant

Unborn infant

As the realization of getting older sinks in and with Lent fast approaching, I feel compelled to take a quick inventory of my life this past year.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt the urgency of days zooming by, the agony of praying and waiting for the Lord to step in and help the underdog, and the innocent and the desire and need to pray for our President, our divided politicians and neighbors and for the turmoil in our Church like never before.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and angry and frustrated, but maybe God is allowing us to see the sin and darkness in the world, hoping we can be light and ministers of His mercy. But how?  It’s astounding how man, made in the image of God, can deny that a baby, a new life, is growing inside what should be the safest haven in the world, a Mother’s womb!  How can a Catholic Governor celebrate the open access to be able to murder this baby, even up to and after it is newly born?  And how can he allow NYC to dance in the streets and even light up hallowed landmarks in pink because now you can slaughter your baby!  And for Governor Cuomo, who claims to be Catholic and was a former altar boy…it’s laughable and horrific all at once.

I’m in a business (entertainment) where speaking up for the unborn, or for marriage between a man and woman, is wildly unpopular and archaic, and can also threaten my ability to work.  I’ve managed to stay conveniently quiet and keep some of my cushy jobs and relationships, particularly with my more liberal leaning ‘friends’.  But how can I stay silent now?

If I was next to a murderer about to kill his next victim and looked the other way or rationalized “Hey, he’s an adult with a free will, it’s his decision, this is no concern of mine.”, I would be an accomplice to murder.  I knew what was about to happen, I could have stopped it but did Nothing!!  Why has it taken me so long to perceive that I have blood on my hands?  We all do, don’t we?  Doesn’t begrudgingly paying our income taxes fund abortions and Planned Parenthood?  How long can I sit back and allow these barbaric acts to play on? How long will Mary hold back the hands of her Son, as the innocent cries of the sacrificial unborn reach her motherly, tender ears?

What is the one thing I can do to help end this genocide rampant in our lifetime? Perhaps you already are doing something, but as for me, I’m not doing enough.  As Lent approaches I realize more acutely, “I am dust and unto dust I shall return”.  I’m going to approach the Lord in prayer and ask Lord what would you have me do?  You know my gifts, you know my fears, what would please you from me Lord?  And I will try and listen and respond. I’ve been lukewarm for far too long, and biblically we know how Jesus hates the lukewarm, by spitting them out of His mouth.  St. John Paul II says “Be Not Afraid”.  We walk as lambs among wolves but better to stand for something or someone, than not to have stood at all. Let us pray for conversion of hearts and minds and let us Be Silent No More.  God bless you.