Lisa Huetteman author of By Your Life podcast

A few months ago I stumbled upon a LinkedIn group called “Catholic Networkers”.  I was interested in seeing what others in the Catholic community were up to and if they had a service that might benefit Catholic Seniors that I would be able to share on the site.  As I randomly clicked on the names of some members, I happened upon a post by Lisa Huetteman that intrigued me.  How lucky was I to learn about Lisa and her passion project

I immediately reached out to Lisa and we arranged to speak the following week.  Many of us are familiar with the phrase “You had me at hello”, well that’s what my first call to Lisa felt like.  Lisa is an inspiration and her journey to creating the By Your Life podcast series is nothing less than divine intervention. In a world where our religion and values are being stifled by society, Lisa teaches us how we can still incorporate our faith into our workplace on a daily basis.

Lisa’s podcasts come out every Monday and focus on the previous Sunday’s homily.  Please click on the link below to learn more about Lisa and have free access to her weekly podcast library.  You will feel renewed and inspired each week to go forth and bring Jesus into back into your everyday work lives.