One of the blessings of being Catholic is the opportunity to celebrate feast days and devotions of our Faith.  Recognition of the different celebrations is part of our rich history and culture and these feast days indeed should be recognized.  Compiled below is a list of just some of the days that we as Catholics recognize as important dates  in June.  Whether the dates are Holy Days of “Obligation” or not, we encourage you to celebrate the Feast days by participating in the Eucharist or through prayer, devotions or novenas.

Are there special Saints and feast days that you hold dear as part of your family tradition?  Honoring these particular days at family mealtime is the perfect opportunity to share these special times.   A favorite recipe served or providing a special treat can set the background of a leisurely learning experience for children and grandchildren to learn of the treasure that is their heritage.

Praying during exercise

Praying during exercise

Have you considered reflecting on monthly devotions, specific prayers or a particular saint while exercising?  In order for us to grow in our faith, the Church dedicates each month of the year to a special devotion. The Pietra Fitness Online Studio has numerous classes with prayers that will help you to contemplate various devotions, articles of faith and feast days.

Be certain to share your special “Friends and Intercessors in Heaven” with your children and grandchildren.  All of us, at any age are in great need of help from a higher realm!

Some Important Feast Days in June you can plan for:

9th – Pentecost

13th – St. Anthony of Padua

16th – Most Holy Trinity Sunday

23rd – Corpus Christi

24th – Nativity of St. John the Baptist

28th – Sacred Heart of Jesus/Immaculate Heart of Mary

29th – Sts. Peter and Paul, Apostles