Dear Father,

I converted to the faith about 14 years ago, but, from being raised in a protestant home, am still learning things I never knew about my chosen faith. One of these things is a novena.

I would like to know which novena you would advise if someone would like to pray that God will guide them to their spouse.
I have seen novenas for family, pregnancy, safe births, and troubled marriages. However, I have not seen one for the blessing of their husband/wife.

Can you please help me with this?
Thank you

Dear One,

I am not aware of an official novena for finding one’s spouse, but I recommend the following.

I think it is very important to establish a daily habit of prayer. The when and where and how can be completely flexible and can even change to adjust to the events of your life. Prayer needs to be a much a part of your daily life as brushing your teeth.

When you do this daily prayer, I suggest that you include a conscious praying of the Lord’s Prayer because that will include “…thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done”. The idea here is that you want to be praying every day to be open to God’s Will (God’s Plan for you).

Most novenas are prayed for just nine days. I suggest that you pray this way every day. If it is God’s Plan for you to be married, I assume that God also knows that you need to meet a person to marry!

Peace and Love,
Fr. Rob