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This week marks the official return of blockbusters to movie theatres after 15 months of pandemic paranoia causing studios to hold their best movies due to many theatres being closed. Two big movies – the sci-fi/horror sequel “A Quiet Place – Part II” and the live-action Disney movie “Cruella” (which I’ll review for next week)–… Continue Reading NOW PLAYING – Movie Reviews

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Remembering R.B.G. The passing of legendary Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Sept. 18 inspired tributes from all sides of the legal and political spectrum. Aside from dozens of celebrities sharing their thoughts on the Notorious RBG via Twitter and other social media, Hollywood has provided the opportunity to pay tribute to her by… Continue Reading MORE HOME MOVIE REVIEWS

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Zoey is a millennial woman in San Francisco who wakes up one day to find that she has an unusual ability: she can hear the songs that go through the heads of the people around her. What makes this ability even more powerful is that the songs she hears are what she dubs their “heart… Continue Reading ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST – Review

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Today, February 1st, is the feast day of Saint Brigid. She is also known as “the Mary of the Gael.” She was responsible for erecting the first nunnery in Ireland. She was born around 450 AD into a druid family. She was the daughter of Dubhthach. He was a court poet to King Loeghaine. It… Continue Reading BLACK AND TAN AND SAINT BRIGID – My Catholic Kitchen

Woe to Those Who Are Complacent

We all are guilty of complacency from time to time. Complacency dulls us and we become satisfied with things as they are. “Good enough” becomes our motto and standard. In this week’s episode of By Your Life, we challenge you to avoid complacency and to stop following the easiest course that leads downhill.

Movie: Breakthrough

In 2015, a 14-year-old high school basketball star named John Smith was running atop the ice of a lake near St. Louis when he fell through and disappeared underwater for 15 minutes.  It was already surprising when a paramedic was able to locate and pull his freezing body out of the water, but he was… Continue Reading Movie: Breakthrough

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Movie Reviews: March/April

There’s been some dry spells for genuinely good movies so far this year, but this week isn’t one of them. In fact, I’m taking a look at three this week – two in theaters, and one that you can enjoy at home on Netflix. First, I’d like to spotlight the film “Unplanned,” a film that… Continue Reading Movie Reviews: March/April

Crazy Rich Asians Review

Movies: Crazy Rich Asians

Truly funny romantic comedies that are also actually romantic have been a rare and dying breed since “When Harry Met Sally”  nearly 30 years ago. Think about it: “Pretty Woman” might have had a happy ending, but at its core it’s still a story of a wealthy guy paying $3000 to have a hooker for… Continue Reading Movies: Crazy Rich Asians

TCM Classic Film Festival

There are plenty of film fests that cater to the elite and famous, ranging from Sundance’s art film extravaganzas to Toronto’s, where each fall’s Oscar contenders are often unveiled for the first time. But for the past nine years, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has been providing average film buffs a chance to see the greatest… Continue Reading TCM Classic Film Festival