Movies – “Ad Astra”

It’s all too rare these days to find science-fiction movies that aren’t simply bombastic superhero flicks or alien-invasion thrillers. The current Brad Pitt film “Ad Astra” bravely breaks that mold, offering up a meditative yet mesmerizing tale of an astronaut who embarks on a daring and highly dangerous quest to retrieve his gone-rogue, fellow-astronaut father… Continue Reading Movies – “Ad Astra”

TV Review – “Evil”

It’s not often that network television offers a serious exploration of matters of faith, good and evil, and the presence of the devil in modern society. The new CBS drama series “Evil,” which debuted Sept. 26, is a rare and mostly refreshing exception: an intensely thoughtful portrayal of a Catholic seminarian and a lapsed-Catholic clinical… Continue Reading TV Review – “Evil”

Carol’s Second Act – TV Review

Patricia Heaton has become the queen of comedy on television for over two decades, having won multiple Emmys for her nine-season role as Debra Barone on “Everybody Loves Raymond” and then hitting paydirt with another nine-season hit, “The Middle.” In both, she played wives and mothers whom America could relate to, while being a reliable… Continue Reading Carol’s Second Act – TV Review

“Overcomer” – Movie Review

We all have challenges to overcome in life, and the movie “Overcomer” – the sixth and latest from the filmmaking duo of Alex and Stephen Kendrick, aka the Kendrick Brothers – offers a stirring example of how to face them head on with faith. It continues the impressive and highly unique ministry of the brothers,… Continue Reading “Overcomer” – Movie Review

MOVIES – “Blinded by the Light”

Growing up in North Little Rock, Arkansas, in the 1980s, I was often more frustrated than other kids because I felt trapped in a small town and longed for the big-city excitement of New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. It seemed like the entire world was whizzing past me, while I was a broken-down car… Continue Reading MOVIES – “Blinded by the Light”

Movies – August Films to Watch Out For

Amid a summer of bombastic blockbusters and reboot retreads, it’s hard to find truly human and original stories in movie theaters. But this weekend brings a trio of solid films that will move and inspire anyone who sees them. Better yet, all three of these are tastefully made and have little to no immoral content… Continue Reading Movies – August Films to Watch Out For


There are some movies that are just too ridiculous for words. Movies that defy logic, the laws of physics, common sense, rationality and the fundamental rules of storytelling – and are gloriously entertaining in spite of it all. “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw” is one of those movies. The first spinoff from the… Continue Reading Movies – HOBBS AND SHAW

Movies – “The Lion King”

There is no greater king in the film world these days than Disney, as the family-entertainment behemoth has snapped up everything from Marvel superhero films to the Muppets, and from the “Star Wars” universe to 20th Century Fox in recent years. Add in Pixar, the ABC television network, and more and there doesn’t seem to… Continue Reading Movies – “The Lion King”

Movies – “Yesterday”

You probably can’t go to any civilized place on the planet without hearing the music of The Beatles on a daily basis. Their music has dominated the pop culture landscape for well over 50 years, with 27 Number One singles in the US alone and well over 100 million albums sold. But in “Yesterday” –… Continue Reading Movies – “Yesterday”

Movies – “Late Night”

Ever since the battle royale for ratings that occurred between David Letterman and Jay Leno in the 1990s through 2015, late-night comedy talk shows have established a gossip-fueled niche in the minds of American TV viewers. The new movie “Late Night”— starring Emma Thompson in a terrific, multi-layered performance as a female talk show host… Continue Reading Movies – “Late Night”