Movies – “The Lion King”

There is no greater king in the film world these days than Disney, as the family-entertainment behemoth has snapped up everything from Marvel superhero films to the Muppets, and from the “Star Wars” universe to 20th Century Fox in recent years. Add in Pixar, the ABC television network, and more and there doesn’t seem to […]

Movies – “Yesterday”

You probably can’t go to any civilized place on the planet without hearing the music of The Beatles on a daily basis. Their music has dominated the pop culture landscape for well over 50 years, with 27 Number One singles in the US alone and well over 100 million albums sold. But in “Yesterday” – […]

Movies – “Late Night”

Ever since the battle royale for ratings that occurred between David Letterman and Jay Leno in the 1990s through 2015, late-night comedy talk shows have established a gossip-fueled niche in the minds of American TV viewers. The new movie “Late Night”— starring Emma Thompson in a terrific, multi-layered performance as a female talk show host […]

Movies – “Rocketman”

Few rock stars have had as big an impact on the world stage as Elton John, who has had more than 50 Top 40 hits and sold 300 million records since breaking out nearly 50 years ago. He’s also had a life story that few can match, with epic battles with sex, drug and alcohol […]

Movies – “The Biggest Little Farm”

Nine years ago in 2010, Molly and John Chester were just a normal couple, living in a cramped apartment in Santa Monica. Molly was a private chef who specialized in filming how to make healthy recipes for a food blog, while John was a cameraman who specialized in environmental documentary shoots. They were forced into […]


Movie Review – “Hesburgh”

In a time when comic book superheroes are the bravest figures we have while lacking real heroes in society, the new documentary “Hesburgh” reminds us of the remarkable impact that just one person can have on the greater good. Recounting the life story of Father Theodore Hesburgh, the Catholic priest who headed the University of […]

Movie: Breakthrough

In 2015, a 14-year-old high school basketball star named John Smith was running atop the ice of a lake near St. Louis when he fell through and disappeared underwater for 15 minutes.  It was already surprising when a paramedic was able to locate and pull his freezing body out of the water, but he was […]

Dumbo Movie

Movie Reviews: March/April

There’s been some dry spells for genuinely good movies so far this year, but this week isn’t one of them. In fact, I’m taking a look at three this week – two in theaters, and one that you can enjoy at home on Netflix. First, I’d like to spotlight the film “Unplanned,” a film that […]

Captain Marvel movie review.

“Captain Marvel” – Movie Review

Nearly 20 films into the superhero movie madness that is collectively known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Marvel Studios and its parent company Disney feel the need to keep topping themselves in terms of action, spectacle and noise.  “Captain Marvel” opens this weekend, and the big difference this time is that this marks the […]

Green Book

Movie Round-Up: Award Edition

Since the Oscar nominations were announced recently, this time we’re taking a look at the Best Picture nominations and what makes them stand out through a Catholic lens. We normally avoid R rated films in this column but most of these films are worth seeing if you’re not put off by an R rating. There […]