Ford vs Ferrari movie still

“Ford v Ferrari” – Movies

It’s becoming increasingly rare that movies these days serve up movie stars playing genuine heroes, outside of comic book movies. But the new movie “Ford v Ferrari” serves up a double dose of leading-man swagger, starring Matt Damon as legendary race-car designer Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale as hotshot driver/mechanic Ken Miles. They are brought […]

Midway movie still

“Midway” – Movie Review

When you think about World War II, most people instantly remember Adolf Hitler and his evil armies of Nazis who stormed across Europe. It’s easy to forget we were fighting three enemies at once, with Japan and Italy also ruthlessly destroying lives in other parts of the globe – and as decades pass and the […]

Harriet Movie still

“Harriet” – Movie Review

There are two words that come to mind when most people hear about Harriet Tubman: Underground Railroad. We’ve all heard her name in history class while growing up, learning about her brave leadership in helping hundreds of slaves escape to freedom via a secret network of safe houses set up along the long journey from […]

Modern Love still

“Modern Love” – Entertainment Review

It’s getting harder and harder to find romantic comedies in theaters these days. Comedies as a whole are dying as a genre, and Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have been left to pick up the pieces, with Netflix especially successful at it with a seemingly non-stop string of popular romcoms. But Amazon Prime has now raised […]

“Judy” -Movie Review

Judy Garland made millions of fans happy throughout her all too short 47 years on the planet. But she couldn’t find a way to make herself  happy, and that sad fact is front and center in the current movie “Judy,” starring Renee Zellweger in a stunning and likely Oscar-winning performance as the beloved icon. The […]

Movies – “Ad Astra”

It’s all too rare these days to find science-fiction movies that aren’t simply bombastic superhero flicks or alien-invasion thrillers. The current Brad Pitt film “Ad Astra” bravely breaks that mold, offering up a meditative yet mesmerizing tale of an astronaut who embarks on a daring and highly dangerous quest to retrieve his gone-rogue, fellow-astronaut father […]

TV Review – “Evil”

It’s not often that network television offers a serious exploration of matters of faith, good and evil, and the presence of the devil in modern society. The new CBS drama series “Evil,” which debuted Sept. 26, is a rare and mostly refreshing exception: an intensely thoughtful portrayal of a Catholic seminarian and a lapsed-Catholic clinical […]

Carol’s Second Act – TV Review

Patricia Heaton has become the queen of comedy on television for over two decades, having won multiple Emmys for her nine-season role as Debra Barone on “Everybody Loves Raymond” and then hitting paydirt with another nine-season hit, “The Middle.” In both, she played wives and mothers whom America could relate to, while being a reliable […]

“Overcomer” – Movie Review

We all have challenges to overcome in life, and the movie “Overcomer” – the sixth and latest from the filmmaking duo of Alex and Stephen Kendrick, aka the Kendrick Brothers – offers a stirring example of how to face them head on with faith. It continues the impressive and highly unique ministry of the brothers, […]

MOVIES – “Blinded by the Light”

Growing up in North Little Rock, Arkansas, in the 1980s, I was often more frustrated than other kids because I felt trapped in a small town and longed for the big-city excitement of New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. It seemed like the entire world was whizzing past me, while I was a broken-down car […]