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CRUELLA – Movie Review

Ever since blowing people’s minds worldwide as 2016’s CGI “The Jungle Book” and 2017’s live-action “Beauty and the Best” earned in the ballpark of $1 billion apiece, Walt Disney Studios has been trying to find other classic cartoons they can bring to dynamic new life. This summer brings us their latest effort, “Cruella”, which provides… Continue Reading CRUELLA – Movie Review

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NOW PLAYING – Movie Reviews

This week marks the official return of blockbusters to movie theatres after 15 months of pandemic paranoia causing studios to hold their best movies due to many theatres being closed. Two big movies – the sci-fi/horror sequel “A Quiet Place – Part II” and the live-action Disney movie “Cruella” (which I’ll review for next week)–… Continue Reading NOW PLAYING – Movie Reviews

Here Today Movie Review

MOVIE REVIEW – “Here Today”

This week I’m focusing on a movie that’s in theaters, although it’s playing just 1200 screens – about a third of what most major releases get these days. It also came out last week, so please go support it so that it’s not driven out of theatres for next week. I’m talking about “Here Today,”… Continue Reading MOVIE REVIEW – “Here Today”

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NOW STREAMING – April Movie Reviews

This week, we have two distinctly different movies from Netflix: first, a lighthearted documentary called “The Last Blockbuster,” which recounts the rise and fall of Blockbuster Video with a special focus on the very last Blockbuster store in the world; and “Concrete Cowboy,” a stunning drama that’s nearly as powerful as the 1991 Oscar-nominated classic “Boyz N The Hood.”… Continue Reading NOW STREAMING – April Movie Reviews

resurrection movie


With Holy Week upon us, everyone’s minds are on the story of Jesus’ crucifixion, death and Resurrection – the three incidents that are at the core of the message of salvation offered by faith in Christ. And so it’s fitting that this week, we are spotlighting a wonderful new film that’s available on the Discovery… Continue Reading RESURRECTION – Movie Review

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This week I’m looking at a couple of veteran performers in movies of wildly different quality, both of which are found on Amazon Prime. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall reteam in the sequel to “Coming to America” called “Coming 2 America” (the lame title is just the start of its weaknesses), which debuts today. Meanwhile,… Continue Reading MOVIE REVIEWS – Now Playing

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MOVIES & TV – Reviews

It’s officially Spooky Season, but I’m a wuss when it comes to handling most modern horror movies, so instead I’m taking a look at a funny new Halloween movie – Netflix’s latest Adam Sandler film “Hubie Halloween”(PG13) – and a terrific, nerve-wracking new suspense series on Fox called “NEXT” (TV-14) by one of the top… Continue Reading MOVIES & TV – Reviews

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VIDEO REVIEWS – Stay at Home Edition #2

As we slog through a second full month of Coronavirus-inspired lockdowns, it’s time to suggest some good escapist films on Netflix this month. Watch any of these to find a fun couple of hours that will take your mind far away from the boring surroundings of home and give you a much-needed jolt of energy… Continue Reading VIDEO REVIEWS – Stay at Home Edition #2

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As the Rotten Tomatoes-approved film critic of the Pasadena Weekly from July 2009-August 2019, I saw and reviewed hundreds of movies as they were ideally meant to be presented: in movie theatres. But now that two of the nation’s largest theatre chains, AMC and Regal, have agreed to close for six to 12 weeks apiece… Continue Reading STAYING AT HOME – Movies

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At 77 years old, Harrison Ford is still setting a high standard for seniors with his recent comeback in two of the latest “Star Wars” films and his upcoming shoot for the 5th Indiana Jones movie this summer. This weekend, he delivers a fun, feisty and occasionally touching performance in a new film based on… Continue Reading THE CALL OF THE WILD – Movies