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New TV and Movies

This week brings us a cornucopia of entertainment to choose from, all of which is high-quality entertainment and all just PG or PG-13 rated. From the life story of Aretha Franklin to a rousing family adventure based on a popular Disney ride, theaters are back with fun fare while Apple + TV and Amazon Prime… Continue Reading New TV and Movies

mighty ducks

REVIEWS: “The Mighty Ducks” and “Secrets of the Whales” Now on Disney Plus

Disney is most famous for its animated animal Mickey Mouse, but its Disney + streaming service is serving up some great entertainment featuring two other prominent animals, with the new dramedy series ‘The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” and its new National Geographic-produced docuseries “Secrets of the Whales”. This week, we’ll take a look at both of… Continue Reading REVIEWS: “The Mighty Ducks” and “Secrets of the Whales” Now on Disney Plus

The Crew

NOW STREAMING – Entertainment Reviews

After nearly a year of fighting the pandemic and living in a world where most comedy clubs are closed because people are scared to laugh around each other, we could all use some good humor. Thankfully, Netflix has come to the rescue with a couple of new offerings that bring comedy that’s also clean, so… Continue Reading NOW STREAMING – Entertainment Reviews

Entertainment reviews


Last week I expressed my total delight in the fact that Oct. 23 was the best day of the year so far for pop culture, thanks to a solid new Bill Murray movie and both an album and documentary from Bruce Springsteen. I only previewed those selections, however, so this week I’m writing my actual… Continue Reading STREAMING NOW – Reviews

Entertainment reviews

MOVIES & TV – Reviews

It’s officially Spooky Season, but I’m a wuss when it comes to handling most modern horror movies, so instead I’m taking a look at a funny new Halloween movie – Netflix’s latest Adam Sandler film “Hubie Halloween”(PG13) – and a terrific, nerve-wracking new suspense series on Fox called “NEXT” (TV-14) by one of the top… Continue Reading MOVIES & TV – Reviews

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NOW STREAMING – Entertainment Reviews

Combined with a dry, deadpan humor vibe that is similar to “The Office” AppleTV+ has been making some impressive in-roads into the streaming and programming wars, landing 18 Emmy nominations for its first year of programming. This week, I’m taking a look at their first big live-action comedy series “Ted Lasso,” which has already proven… Continue Reading NOW STREAMING – Entertainment Reviews

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STREAMING NOW – Entertainment Review

This time, I’m taking a different approach and turning you on to two major new streaming platforms that have tons of quality, entertaining programs and movies on them. HBO Max is the juggernaut combination home of HBO and Warner Bros., bringing the best TV series and classic movies from the legendary studio together in one… Continue Reading STREAMING NOW – Entertainment Review

Entertainment reviews

MOVIE REVIEWS – At Home Edition

It looks like theatres are eventually going to open, with the new blockbuster “Tenet” by Christopher Nolan (“Inception,” “The Dark Knight” trilogy) as the first big movie to kickstart the film industry. But this week we’ve got two pretty good new movies with big stars that you can stream at home. First up we have… Continue Reading MOVIE REVIEWS – At Home Edition

Online Videos

WHAT’S ON? – Truly Viral Videos

The Coronavirus pandemic and its attendant national lockdown has thrown a major wrench into this year’s movie and TV schedules, with dozens of major films and the fall’s network-TV season all featuring plenty of reshuffled launch dates. But that doesn’t mean that every star has given up on entertaining their fans and staying on the… Continue Reading WHAT’S ON? – Truly Viral Videos

Entertainment reviews

VIDEO REVIEWS – Stay at Home Edition #3

As we see America’s leaders start slowly allowing the country back to normal, some independent theatres are starting screenings again. But for the most part, we’re still stuck having to entertain ourselves at home – and with that in mind, here’s another round of some eclectic choices currently streaming on Netflix that should offer something… Continue Reading VIDEO REVIEWS – Stay at Home Edition #3