Interview with Kevin Nealon

Kevin Nealon has been making people laugh for the past 40 years, as one of the longest-running stars on Saturday Night Live, as Doug Wilson in nearly 100 episodes of the hit Showtime series “Weeds,” in his current role on the CBS sitcom “Man With a Plan” with Matt Leblanc and throughout as a standup […]

Call Me Catholic

“Call Me Catholic” – The Dream that Went Downhill

Newly into my 65thyear, I can boast that I have made scant concessions to age.  Admittedly, my age has given me a blessedly convenient excuse for avoiding dubious fashion trends. And, I suppose the sleep patterns I used to take for granted are causalities I attribute to the aging process.  But, by and large, I […]

Lent and Pietra Fitness: An Invitation for Healing

During Lent, we engage in activities to heal our relationship with God and restore ourselves to the person that He created us to be. Pietra Fitness classes also allow us to restore and heal our bodies and souls and draw us closer to Christ and our true identity in Him. Lent and Pietra invite us […]

Prayer Life

Resolve to Improve Your Prayer Life in 2019

Another year gone by and you are hoping to energize 2019 with some great resolutions!  But wait, most people statistically abandon those resolutions within the first two weeks of January.  So what is going on?  Are we putting too many unrealistic expectations on ourselves or do we just lack the focus to get them done? […]

Lisa Huetteman

Spotlight: Lisa Huetteman and By Your Life

A few months ago I stumbled upon a LinkedIn group called “Catholic Networkers”.  I was interested in seeing what others in the Catholic community were up to and if they had a service that might benefit Catholic Seniors that I would be able to share on the site.  As I randomly clicked on the names […]

Seniors on a Beach

A Shining Star

The sermon on the Epiphany at our parish this year was both enlightening and challenging.  Our priest spoke about the wise men following the “star” at all costs. Leaving behind family, security, safety only to discover the baby Jesus:  the Word made Flesh, the light of the entire world, the King of all Kings.  Had […]

Catholic marriage

Reflections on a Seasoned Marriage

Reflections on a Seasoned Marriage Jim and I were married 34 years ago on a day when it rained in biblical proportions. A canopy of umbrellas hovered over me and my wedding gown as I was swept up over the puddles by a protective entourage of family and friends. They covered me from my home to the church, from the […]