We Catholics have a rich tradition of recognizing our family of saints who went before us, by celebrating their feast days. Listed below are the dates in July when we acknowledge some of our friends in Heaven. We can and should surround ourselves with the protection of our “Cloud of Witnesses”, either through the participation in the Eucharist on their feast day if possible, or by invoking them in prayer. How well do you know these saints whose Feast Days are celebrated in July? See if you can answer these questions about them by looking at the list below (Answers are below):

1) Can you name the saint who is associated with “El Camino de Santiago de Campostela”?
2) Which two siblings have July feast days exactly one week apart?
3) Who was the saint who founded the Jesuit order?
4) Which two saints are the grandparents of Jesus?
5) Which saint received the title of “Golden Word”? Can you explain why?

Feast Days:

July 3 – St. Thomas the Apostle
July 6 – St. Maria Goretti
July 11 – St. Benedict
July 13 – St. Henry
July 16 – Our Lady of Carmel
July 22 – St. Mary Magdalene
July 23 – St. Bridget
July 25 – St. James
July 26 – SS Joachim and Anne
July 29 – St. Martha
July 30 – St. Peter Chrysologus
July 31 – St. Ignatius

Most Catholics know from personal experience how powerful the prayers of the saints can be before the throne of God, and there are situations in everyones’ lives that have us turn to a particular saint for their protection and intercession. Are you struggling with a particular illness or disease? Are you working on a certain hobby or trying to exercise more? Have you misplaced an important document or item? Whatever you are dealing with, consider looking up the patron saint for that and ask for their help.

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Answers: 1. St. James, 2. St. Mary Magdalene and St. Martha, 3. St. Ignatius, 4. St. Joachim and St. Anne, 5. St. Peter Chrysologus. The title “Chrysologus,” which means “golden word,” was given to him because he was an amazingly gifted preacher.