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The Coronavirus pandemic and its attendant national lockdown has thrown a major wrench into this year’s movie and TV schedules, with dozens of major films and the fall’s network-TV season all featuring plenty of reshuffled launch dates. But that doesn’t mean that every star has given up on entertaining their fans and staying on the […]

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VIDEO REVIEWS – Stay at Home Edition #3

As we see America’s leaders start slowly allowing the country back to normal, some independent theatres are starting screenings again. But for the most part, we’re still stuck having to entertain ourselves at home – and with that in mind, here’s another round of some eclectic choices currently streaming on Netflix that should offer something […]

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VIDEO REVIEWS – Stay at Home Edition #2

As we slog through a second full month of Coronavirus-inspired lockdowns, it’s time to suggest some good escapist films on Netflix this month. Watch any of these to find a fun couple of hours that will take your mind far away from the boring surroundings of home and give you a much-needed jolt of energy […]

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VIDEO REVIEWS – Stay at Home Edition

After well over a month under stay-at-home orders, it’s hard to find much to laugh about anymore. So, this week I’m spotlighting a few top comedy choices from Netflix to help lighten the mood. First off, Netflix is now the prime destination for the best standup comedy specials these days. While there are plenty of […]

LITTLE AMERICA – Streaming Review

At a time when so much stress and strain is happening in America amid the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s refreshing to find a reminder of our shared humanity and the things that make our country so amazing. The new series “Little America,” streaming on the new Apple Plus service (just $4.99 a month), offers eight half-hour […]

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THE BANKER – Movie Review

One of the great pleasures in watching a film comes when you can discover a story for the first time that’s not only hugely entertaining, but also a fact-based lesson in a real-life story you would otherwise have missed. The new movie ‘The Banker,” which is the debut feature film offered by the ambitious Apple […]

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As the Rotten Tomatoes-approved film critic of the Pasadena Weekly from July 2009-August 2019, I saw and reviewed hundreds of movies as they were ideally meant to be presented: in movie theatres. But now that two of the nation’s largest theatre chains, AMC and Regal, have agreed to close for six to 12 weeks apiece […]

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Zoey is a millennial woman in San Francisco who wakes up one day to find that she has an unusual ability: she can hear the songs that go through the heads of the people around her. What makes this ability even more powerful is that the songs she hears are what she dubs their “heart […]

Harrison Ford


At 77 years old, Harrison Ford is still setting a high standard for seniors with his recent comeback in two of the latest “Star Wars” films and his upcoming shoot for the 5th Indiana Jones movie this summer. This weekend, he delivers a fun, feisty and occasionally touching performance in a new film based on […]

1917 Movie

“1917” – Movies

War is a terrible experience that can nonetheless bring out the best in those who fight. Inspiring courage and tenacity under the worst of circumstances, the heroism that results offers inspiration to those who hear their tales of rising to the occasion or giving the ultimate sacrifice. The new movie “1917” provides a remarkable example […]