The commemoration of Jesus ascension into heaven is today, May 21st. There is a tradition in some areas to have a picnic. Here in Virginia the weather is warm and is a perfect day for a picnic.


So for my picnic I am making Chicken-Salad Sandwiches.


I will also be making a  Fruit Salad.  Keep in mind this recipe has alcohol  in it.  If the children are partaking in this salad you can replace the Grappa with Orange Juice.


When the Italians celebrate the ascensions, they usually have a bean dish. So I decided to share my Baked Beans. They will be perfect with your picnic.


So lets not forget dessert. I thought these Fig Bars would be a perfect bake ahead no fuss option for my picnic.


We are going to need something to wash all of this stuff down with. So to drink, how about something bubbly? How about some Sparkling-Strawberry Tea? even the kiddies will love this one. It is a perfect choice now that strawberries are in season right now.

iced tea 004

So there you have it, my Ascension Picnic Menu.  So now it is your turn. Pack up the car or  go in your own back yard. Throw everything into the cooler. Have your own picnic and make some memories. Make this a tradition that your kids will never forget. Have a great time like I did.

Peace be with you,