Searching the Movie starring John Cho

Movies: Searching

Looking at the trailers or commercials for the new movie “Searching” – about a father who’s forced to dive into a real-life crash course on the Internet, social media and all manner of high technology in order to find his suddenly-missing teen daughter – and it might seem that this is a movie that is […]

Do you have enough?

Enough is Enough

Growing up, my mother employed an acronym to quickly communicate an important message to family members during a party at our home.  “FHB” meant “Family Hold Back”.  In other words, if she was worried she had not prepared enough food for all of her guests, she’d whisper “FHB” in our ears, and it told her […]

Crazy Rich Asians Review

Movies: Crazy Rich Asians

Truly funny romantic comedies that are also actually romantic have been a rare and dying breed since “When Harry Met Sally”  nearly 30 years ago. Think about it: “Pretty Woman” might have had a happy ending, but at its core it’s still a story of a wealthy guy paying $3000 to have a hooker for […]

Santa Monica Pier

Trusting God – Jennifer Naimo Morales

Whenever I’m nervous about something or dreading what lies ahead in my day, I try to schedule a treat or reward.  That way I can look forward to it and not focus as much on the dilemma I have before me. I recently had a second interview for a lucrative job near Santa Monica. That’s […]

8th Grade Movie Review

Movie Reviews: “Eighth Grade” and “Blindspotting”

In the heat of the summer movie season, it is often tough to find movies that have something to say rather than just things to shoot at. Thankfully, there are a couple of thoughtful movies out now that offer fresh takes on life, if you’re willing to look at the world from a somewhat younger […]